AI meets on-the-ground insight

Strategic Solutions

AIS leverages traditional intelligence-gathering methods, offering research based on a variety of on-the-ground sources.

Understanding Local Contexts: AIS maintains a wide network of on-the-ground contacts, including public officials, journalists, academics and law enforcement officers.

Sector Specific: We have long focused on facilitating operational success across multiple sectors and understanding the relevant risks and challenges for a wide variety of actors.

Local Networks: We are experts in building local connections and generating a comprehensive perspective of the unique circumstances of our clients.

Custom Made Data Analysis

We combine domain-specific knowledge with data science, allowing our clients to build databases and visualize scenarios with heightened accuracy.

Modeling Capabilities

AIS creates custom-made models for different kinds of problems using machine learning and other advanced statistical tools.

Composite Indexes

AIS has developed a variety of composite indexes to better measure the impacts of criminal activity and to track their effects over time.

Data Visualization

AIS has long relied on innovative data visualization tools to provide our clients with a better understanding of patterns of criminality.

What Sets Us Apart?


With more than 20 years of consulting experience in Latin America, AIS has developed a deep understanding of national and local contexts.


AIS monitors key developments and emerging trends relevant to each client’s geographic location, operations and challenges.


Every aspect of our qualitative and quantitative research is conducted with meticulous attention to detail.


We strive to provide objective insights and avoid the sensationalism that characterizes many intelligence services.


We use the latest cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and social listening tools to provide accurate insights.


We are committed to always supporting our clients. Our team can rapidly respond to unforeseen developments.