Business Continuity & Protective Intelligence

AIS has offered comprehensive risk analysis and mitigation services to clients since 2007. Our tailored approach to intelligence research provides decision-makers with actionable insights on the dynamics surrounding their assets and strategic interests.

Key features of our strategic intelligence services:

Constant monitoring and analysis of security and other acute risks.

Updates and insights on key developments in criminal activity and organized crime dynamics.

Analysis of public security strategies at all levels.

Monitoring destabilizing trends in key regions.

Customized travel advisories designed to give clients up-to-date information on local security concerns.

Bespoke Research

AIS offers analysis, recommendations and other solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs and challenges.

The relationship with our clients is defined by regular communication, feedback and flexibility

In the past two years, AIS has successfully completed more than 60 major strategic intelligence projects across Latin America.

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